Fruity Chicken Stew

One of the oldest method of cooking. Stews have been around for ages. A stew is a perfect way to make use of bits and pieces of meats and vegetables in the fridge, a means of getting creative with what you’ve got. This easy to prepare Fruity Chicken Stew is a hearty and delicious meal on it’s own or served with rice. INGREDIENTS: 2 MEDIUM … Continue reading Fruity Chicken Stew

Orange Peel Tea

We are all aware of the Vitamin C and orange connection, but did you know that the orange peel also contain many nutrients and benefits? The orange peel contains the rind which is packed with enzymes, fiber, pectin, limonene, vitamin A as well as vitamin C. Orange Peel Tea Try this pleasant tasting Orange Peel Tea. Pour boiling water on to orange peel and sweeten … Continue reading Orange Peel Tea