Australian Pelicans

Pelican Feeding In Labrador, Gold Coast

Australian Pelicans At Charis Seafood  Labrador, Gold Coast

Charis Seafood Restaurant

It is fair to say Charis seafood is one of those places that you will always remember or return to. A perfect spread by the beach with outdoor tables suitable for our large family. We had some of the best seafood, nicely seasoned with various condiments. Our little ones are still missing the fries with chicken salt.


After our yummy seafood lunch we gathered by the beach behind the restaurant, it was 1:30 and time for the daily pelican feeding. Dozens of beautiful Australian Pelicans come gliding in, anxiously waddling to the front of the lineup for a fishy feast. It is a supercool experience and It is free. Get your camera ready!

Pelicans entering the Lagoon
Australian White Ibis and a Silver Gull

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