Things To Do On A Gold Coast Family Vacation

This is my first post in a series called “Things To Do On A Gold Coast Family Vacation”. The Gold Coast is packed with fun things to see and do with the entire family. I will start off with our journey up the Scenic Rim and through the Hinterland.

Our Journey Up The Scenic Rim

A nature lovers Paradise

A Rock Wallaby popped out of the bush to say hello

What we saw along the Scenic Road

We took the Scenic Road to the Gold Coast Hinterland, everyone was happy to see this Rock Wallaby survived the bush fires and was happily munching on his bush tucker.

Road Trip Game

The kids enjoyed looking out the window for wildlife, the grandparent joined in the fun.

The roads are modern and winding with spectacular valley views. Our journey was exciting and teamed with wildlife, farm steads, fabulous modern mountain homes and much more.

Driving through Lamington National Park

Driving Through Lamington National Park

The road was narrow and winding with tall skinny trees that seemed as old as time itself. I couldn’t help but think an elf, fairy, Yowie or some kind “mythical” creature would pop out of the rainforest at any moment. Finally the narrow road ended and we were back on wide open modern road, heading closer to O’Riellys Cunungra Valley Vineyards.

Cunnungra Valley Vineyards

Cunungra Valley Vineyards

Cunungra Valley Vineyards boast a winery, restaurant, gift shop, alpaca farm and picnic grounds. The picnic area is great for families or couples. We indulged in wine tasting and wine shopping while our kids enjoyed gelato. Though we didn’t dine at the restaurant it seemed spacious and cozy with fantastic views of grapevines and hillside.

Alpaca Cunnungra Valley Vineyards

Walking An Alpaca

One of the most fun and funny experience at Cunungra Valley Vineyards was feeding and walking an Alpaca. Alpacas can be stubborn, feisty and cute.

We were told that there are Platypus in the stream at the edge of the picnic area, we searched a bit but I think they were hiding.

O’Riellys Rainforest Retreat

On the road again! Onwards and upwards we went further into the hinterlands with spectacular views of Mount Warning and the Great Dividing Range. We arrived at O’Rielly’s Rainforest Retreat. As a bird enthusiast I was personally thrilled to partake on our next adventure.

Crimson Rosela -Wild Bird Feeding At O'Reillys

O’Rielly’s Rainforest Retreat

We made it in time for the daily wild bird feeding. There were Crimson Roselas and King Parrots everywhere, even on the head of one of the happy guest.

The property has a spa retreat, luxury villas, cafe, gift shop, surrounded by lush rainforest. They offer many activities for bird lovers including a Bird Of Prey Show, Bird Watching Tours etc.

replica of Stinson Tri- motor Passenger plane that crashed on the border of New South wales and Queensland in 1937.

Stinson Plane Replica

This one is an “iron” bird? Resting on the lawn of the property this is a replica of the Stinson Tri- motor Passenger plane that crashed on the border of New South wales and Queensland in 1937.

The wreckage was found by Bernard O’Rielly of the Lamington Guest House. See more

This is just a small yet delicious bite into the Gold Coast pie. There are a myriad of sites to see, places to go and things to do on a Gold Coast family Vacation.

Follow me to see more on my upcoming post “Journey to Tamborine Mountain”

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