SUPERFOOD: Cape Gooseberries

Physalis Peruviana or Cape Gooseberries are native to South America but can be found in South Africa, England and many Pacific Islands.

The Gooseberry is an excellent source of Vitamin C with a long list of health benefits to include Anti Bacterial, Immune Boosting and Anti Inflammatory properties.

On my first encounter I came to the conclusion that you either like gooseberries or you don’t. A bit like cherry tomatoes but dense, a bit tarty with many tiny seeds that could go unnoticed. When having this berry on its own I had to remind myself that it is extremely healthy. It is said that the nutritional value doesn’t change when cooked so I made a Caramelized Gooseberry Mango Salad with was absolutely divine.

Here are a few of the many names for Cape Gooseberry:Aztec Berry, Golden Berry, Umami Berry, Peruvian Ground Cherry, Inca Berry, African Ground Cherry. Read more